Mummy vs Cake

In the words of our lord and saviour and Supermodel of the World, RuPaul – ‘If you can’t love yourself, how in the hell are you gonna love somebody else?’ Can I get an amen up in here?

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Honesty Hour – Keeping It Real

I’m convinced that every new mum, every new parent in fact, must have had the following thought in their baby’s first year.
‘This isn’t at all what I’d hoped it would be’.

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Fluttering Kites and Trippy Teacups – The Darker Side of CBeebies

You may have noticed from my love of Ubercorn and Waffle the Wonder Dog, that we are very much a CBeebies house at Team Horwell HQ. Obviously the girls don’t watch it all day (although I’m sure they would if I let them), but most days I do find that I tend to just leave it on in the background, it really does make for superb viewing while you’re tackling the mountain of ironing you’ve been avoiding. But watching as an adult, the mind does tend to wander a little. For me it wanders a lot, sometimes to quite an unexpectedly dark place, uncontrollably and when I least expect it. So, inspired by the frankly bloody brilliant #CBeebiesDarkThoughts on Twitter (check it out if you haven’t already – it’s gloriously crazy) –  here are a few of the more twisted thoughts and musings my mind has conjured up while watching everyone’s favourite children’s programming…
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A Letter To My Younger Self

To the almost-birthday girl,
On the eve of your eighteenth birthday, I thought it would be sensible (and possibly helpful) to write a few things down for you. I don’t want to give too much away, but consider this your *spoiler alert* for the next ten years. Just like in the eighteen years before, there will be tears and stress, but also more love, hope and happiness than you could ever imagine. I know right now you’re feeling as if you’re going nowhere, but the biggest and best adventure of your life is about to begin – hold tight though, it’s going to be a bit bumpy.

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Feeling Lonely? You’re Not Alone.

I’m going to admit something to you that I’ve been struggling with lately. Parenthood can be an incredibly lonely place sometimes. When I was young and childless, I would often think about what being a parent would be like for me. I thought ahead to antenatal classes, where I would make fantastic BBFs (Bump Buddies Forever) and my children would obviously then have best friends from birth. I imagined casual coffee dates with fellow parents where we were properly dressed and awake – chatting the day away while our gorgeous new babies slept in their prams or quietly breastfed.
I sometimes can’t believe how unbelievably wrong I was.
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A Fantastical Escape for Everyone | Why We 💙 Alton Towers Resort

In my previous post about booking our short break at Alton Towers, I mentioned that I would be going into more detail regarding the brilliant facilities and support available for larger families and guests with additional needs. Well, I’m a woman of my word – so here we are!
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The Great Escape | Booking a Holiday as a Family of Six

Every day, at the same time, I have the same thought. I drop the mountain of school bags, sports kit, glitter-covered paraphernalia and coats by the front door, kick off my shoes and sigh to myself –  ‘I need a holiday!’.
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It’s a Miracle! (Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup review)

Oh Munchkin 360, we love you!
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Putting the ‘Mum’ in ‘Mumps’

Being a Mum of four that suffers from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia – I am well acquainted with feeling apocalyptically tired. After the last week, I can now also say that I am no stranger to feeling like I’ve been hit repeatedly with a cricket bat whilst simultaneously resembling an incredibly brassed off hamster. At the grand old age of 28, I’ve managed to get mumps.

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