Feeling Lonely? You’re Not Alone.

I’m going to admit something to you that I’ve been struggling with lately. Parenthood can be an incredibly lonely place sometimes. When I was young and childless, I would often think about what being a parent would be like for me. I thought ahead to antenatal classes, where I would make fantastic BBFs (Bump Buddies Forever) and my children would obviously then have best friends from birth. I imagined casual coffee dates with fellow parents where we were properly dressed and awake – chatting the day away while our gorgeous new babies slept in their prams or quietly breastfed.
I sometimes can’t believe how unbelievably wrong I was.
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A Fantastical Escape for Everyone | Why We 💙 Alton Towers Resort

In my previous post about booking our short break at Alton Towers, I mentioned that I would be going into more detail regarding the brilliant facilities and support available for larger families and guests with additional needs. Well, I’m a woman of my word – so here we are!
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The Great Escape | Booking a Holiday as a Family of Six

Every day, at the same time, I have the same thought. I drop the mountain of school bags, sports kit, glitter-covered paraphernalia and coats by the front door, kick off my shoes and sigh to myself –  ‘I need a holiday!’.
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It’s a Miracle! (Munchkin 360 Sippy Cup review)

Oh Munchkin 360, we love you!
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Putting the ‘Mum’ in ‘Mumps’

Being a Mum of four that suffers from chronic fatigue and fibromyalgia – I am well acquainted with feeling apocalyptically tired. After the last week, I can now also say that I am no stranger to feeling like I’ve been hit repeatedly with a cricket bat whilst simultaneously resembling an incredibly brassed off hamster. At the grand old age of 28, I’ve managed to get mumps.

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Home Is Where My Heart Is

Balance of work and family

Runner. Sales Co-ordinator. Barmaid. Waitress. Receptionist. Radio presenter/producer. Elf. Office Manager. I’ve had all sorts of jobs in my life so far, none of which have led to what anyone could consider a career, but all of which I’ve loved and now miss for so many different reasons.

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(Mamma Mia), Here I Go Again…

Ah blogging, we meet again!

After starting (and then abandoning) two semi-successful blogs over the past ten years, I’ve decided to start again – and this time I’m dragging my whole family along for the ride. Well, I say dragging, they’re fully informed and willing to participate, but it seemed sensible to admit in advance that it was my idea (…/fault).
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